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My most recent kickstarter update.

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  • My most recent kickstarter update.

    So, one night, back in 1996, my brother and I are getting ready for a Fantasy LARP we thought might be fun to join. We go to the grocery store and get some spray paint for a project related to the LARP and leave the store. We don't even get half a block away when cops stop us and ask us where we're going, why we have a can of spray paint, what we are planning to do with it, are we in a gang...It goes on and on. I have to sit there and describe every tattoo I have (most of which I got while I was in the Navy) so these fuckers can put me and my brother into a gang database.

    I logically know this shit is fucked up, and I could just exercise my right to keep my mouth shut without an attorney present, but that'll just bring more cops, so I sit there and take it.

    In 2000 my wife and I drove up to Salt Lake City from Texas to visit my family and go camping. As soon as I fucking get close to my grandmother's house, this cop who had been following me ever since I got off the freeway, pulls me over and literally says he did it because I had an out of state license plate and he wanted to know if I'm bringing drugs up from Texas.

    Again, I should have exercised my rights and told him to get a damned warrant if he wanted to search the truck, but that would have brought more cops, and I didn't want to get my wife involved.

    On Tuesday, I made a post on my most recent Kickstarter about elements of my game I was going to cut because I was having a hard time with the murder of George Floyd. I was called a bigot, and I had to refund some money, and now people are accusing me of ?politicizing? my game.

    It's only now that I realize what was going on inside my head. I posted that because I'm still incredibly angry over what happened to me. I?m incredibly angry over what is happening across this country, and I?m just some white dude who legally bought a damned can of spray paint. I was guilty of driving with an out-of-state license plate. You may think I?m making a mound out of an ant hill, that what happened to me was nothing (compared to what people of color go through every day, it was nothing). You might think, well if you weren?t doing anything wrong, what did you have to be worried about? You?re completely missing the point. What I was subjected to is a gross misuse of power. I don?t care if they were following procedure. I fit some fucked up profile and was stopped for it. Screw my rights as a law-abiding citizen. I looked different and therefore I needed to be questioned.

    Take a moment and consider what it?s like to be a person of color, and how this type of thing happens to them all the time. How much more are they affected by this kind of behavior? How deeply rooted are these feelings of helplessness (and yes literal fear for their lives or those of their loved ones) in their minds?

    Yes. I absolutely know there are GOOD, HEROIC men and women in law enforcement who put their lives on the line every single day. I know police officers DIE in the line of duty. Policing is the hardest job, especially in the United States and I won?t deny that there are some extremely violent people in our society who need to be taken off the streets, and it?s the police who have to risk their lives doing just that.

    I know it must be impossible to be a police officer right now, especially if you are doing your job the right way. You?re getting branded as corrupt and judged for the actions of a few. I?m sorry for my part with my Kickstarter post and the trauma it may have caused you. I sincerely hope you can forgive me, but I do stand with Black Lives Matter, and I do feel like something has to change with regards to law enforcement in this country.

    If you don?t like what I said, I understand.

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    Thank you for sharing your point of view and how it affects you personally and emotionally.

    But please do not let the game be affected on this -- It is a Fantasy Game which happens to be based on a Future where humanity goes to hell, but in any case, still a game and fantasy.

    Historical games tend to recreate the past, as dark and sad as it was, futuristic games share a view of how things can go. Cyberpunk isn't a happy one, but we want to feel we play in a DARK future because we want to feel and play we can do something about it.

    In my game we play to fight oppression forces and freedom censorship, it is a way for me and my players to act as if we were heroes and could do something about it, and it is fun to hit evil guys in the butt, and some times make misjudgment and help evil guys themselves to later realize it. It is fun, it is a game, it takes the worse of humanity, it is a parody and an exaggeration.

    Me and my players are looking forward to a great game, balanced and well written, please focus on that Opinions on the real world can come as an optional side panel for those interested in hearing your thoughts and not about the game

    I am also very sorry to have read that after the kickstarter milestones are achieved, you won't be working on the project for a while -- since that may mean that you are no longer interested in continuing a project many of us are excited about.

    EDIT PS: I do not mean to be harsh, I love the project so much in my head I imagine it far away from all the horrible things going on in the world (yes, and not just the US - as South American speaking)

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      Thank you for your comments.

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      I AM interested in this setting. I've just been working on it since 2007. I love Interface Zero, but you have to understand my burnout, and ultimately how emotionally draining this past month has been. I'm NEVER stopping development for it, but I do need a break. I'm a creative, and I want to explore other things.

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      I understand, and thank you for your hard work. Troubling times indeed. To me, these games are a scape from reality, even if on a distorted version from it