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Remote controlling vehicles?

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  • Remote controlling vehicles?

    Are there any rules for remote controlling vehicles? The only reference I can find is in the hacking rules.

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    Not as such. Most of the control available is to interact with the (very limited) Sprite in charge of the vehicle's self-driving feature and tell it to either go to a location (or series of locations) or follow something.

    Note that the vast majority of self-driving systems will fail if conditions require a Driving roll - they're good enough to operate in normal conditions but not to do high-speed maneuvers, stunt work, or be effective in a Chase scenario.
    More autonomous systems do exist, but they are a pricey extra with some required hardware upgrades.


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      Cool, thanks for letting me know. Could be an interesting idea for a vehicle mod then. Gives you full control of a vehicle but just controlled with your brain. The setting already has something similar with The Deep, just here you would be controlling a real vehicle instead a virtual one. Could even be cool to mod your vehicle to remove the normal controls and have it been brain powered only. Also opens up interesting avenues for hacking.

      Anyway, thanks again.