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    Should the WT Pulverizer Gauntlet have the, "does not count as a weapon for Unarmed Defender," property?

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    Not in my opinion. It extends from elbows to finger tips, allowing it to defend as well as a knife held along the forearm.

    From a less practical perspective, being an unarmed defender discourages the weapon from being used against monsters or ninjas. Punching a pneumatic gauntlet through monsters and ninjas is cool. The cyberpunk rule of cool directs that pneumatic gauntlets be armed defenders.
    Something to keep in mind with any game design. The style of the results is also important (is more important in some settings).


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      Cool. Good enough. I actually missed the elbow to fingertips when I read it and was just looking at the picture, so I thought it was just a pair of gloves.

      Also, I was coming at it the wrong way (my lack of experience with these rules is showing). Even though the name is obvious, in my head I was thinking that this was a benefit, not a drawback i.e. a weapon that can be used while still counting as unarmed to get the benefit of stuff like martial artist.