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  • Multi-Tool Missing

    The Scientist origin has a Multi-Tool listed in its starting equipment but it's missing from the book. I took a look at the older version of the book and there used to be Tools section, but it looks like you decided to drop it at some point. There's tons of room on page 53 to add it to the Basic Equipment table. It's minor but I think it would be good to add, just for completeness.

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    The multi-tool had two issues. The first was taking up page space with a piece of bric-a-brac. The second was writing some rules to not be bric-a-brac. The best proposal was "Improvised tools for most Repair and Electronics rolls", a situational and wishy-washy statement that boils down to "ask your GM if this helps".


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      What is the tool meant to be used for with a scientist then? Maybe you could swap out multi-tool to be "X Tool Kit," like a couple other origins rather than having an item that doesn't exist in the rules?