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    Would it be possible to release high res versions of the various art used in the PDFs? I wanted to make a VTT token for one of the drones, but what I can extract from the PDF is super low res, so getting a proper alpha without aliasing is a bit tough. All good if it's not possible or a pain in the ass, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

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    Yeah I could probably do that for you...I'm thinking of selling soem pieces as stock art, but I'll make a package that's high quality, but small enough for VTT. You have to udderstand that many of the images are over 30 megabytes easy. I'll be uploading a much higher res PDF soon, but doing that before errata is a waste of time.

    What VTT platform do you use?


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      That would be great, thanks! We're using Fantasy Grounds Unity.