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$5000 seems like a lot

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  • $5000 seems like a lot

    We're going through character creation right now and $5000 is feeling like a lot of money, especially when combined with the free stuff you get from your origin. If you're not going for cyberware, you have enough money to buy the most expensive armor and the most expensive assault rifle. You can easily purchase really good weapons and armor and pretty much any basic equipment you could possibly want.

    Is that intentional? It feels weird to be starting novice characters that are already fully kitted out.

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    Originally posted by TheChemist View Post
    Is that intentional?
    Characters are expected to buy Augments. Relying upon NVGs to see in the dark, gas masks to resist gas attacks, and natural meat to resist bullets and super-human strength using molecular blades is going to disappoint. Players don't have to get augments for their characters but they will probably regret it.

    This also means that reselling gear looted from dead foes is not a good source of wealth. Certainly not when compared to the risk of being tracked by the allies of the former owners.

    The other thing is that the core rules frequently reference "starting funds". Something that was in mind during writing. $5,000 is a hefty amount of cash but it is not world-shaking.


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      Good to know that the design intent is to get augments. I'll let my group know. Thanks.
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