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    Amazing! I can't wait to run a new game once the new revision version comes out. Customize the hacking rules to my liking (probably a balance between crunchy and basic), use the GM guide baseline references to design content in game (organizations and locations) and review the whole character creation to make sure people is really engaged with what they create, but also with them wanting stuff that they can't "yet" get (progression).

    Somehow you read me correctly, the first two Chemtech I really like, while the latter.. I'll probably ban it :P mostly because I tend to play without Zeeks (for some coincidence to GMs I played with they also disabled zeeks).

    What about Hybrids? Are they going to receive any reviews? In the current revision I am always having second thoughts. Somehow players tend to choose them, after they see all those special powers at the expense of some "weird" personality trait (Rodentia and Reptilia seem quite popular). Of course the great thing about these systems is that GMs are allowed to customize games to the likings of each.

    Taking a deeper look, prices already seemed bumped up significantly. Prices seem a small matter but they have a huge impact in the game.
    That, and the Origins. They are really meaningful! They help players shape their Show Runner

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      The first two are Cybertech. There are no changes to Hybrids, though we added quirks that were missing.

      Not sure what you mean by bumping of prices. Paying for IDS is separate from the actual strain cost of the augment (600 per point of strain). Strain cost hasn't changed at all.


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        Some people like zeeks. The ones who disallow them seem to think Psionics are magic. They aren't. Psionics are totally sci-fi.

        Just look at Judge Dredd. Totally cyberpunk, and it has psions. Judge Hershey is an Empath.


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          Haha, Psionics on a Cyberpunk game is a grey area for me. But I guess that's a whole argument on it's own. Shadowrun drifts in that regards to the extremes of magic, but a Psionics that can read minds, launch bolts, become invisible or apply telekinesis seems pretty magical to me :P

          Regarding bumping prices, I may have gotten a wrong impression that the 3 items listed were way above average of current prices for cybertech and chemtech respectively.


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            gunmetaldave loving the new update buddy. Quick question if I may (forgive me, I sped read the updated pdf as am just about to launch in to a game session). Hacker is now an AB and uses Programs for powers. Reading what I did the gist was that these Programs would be different to the standard powers or add-on to them? Might not be of course but if they are was unable to locate them.

            Again, loving the new format/changes. Really looking good.


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              Programs are their own thing, but they tend to work the same as powers. Here's the (not finished) new Hacking rules. Programs are in them.

              hacking revised_unfinished.pdf


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                Thanks for providing this Dave! It looks awesome. Quick question, have you settled on what the new hacking edge will be rather than the reroll? I'm starting up a campaign this week and wanted to get my Hacker PC set up with the revised edge if possible.

                I'm really excited to see your continued progress in IZ 3.0. It looks better and better every day.


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                  The Edge has already been revised.

                  Now, you gain access to programs, and also get a Bonus to Toughness if you are dealing with Intrusion Countermeasures.


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                    I just saw your update on Kickstarter and am reading the revisions now. They look great and I think my friend playing the hacker will be fairly excited about the change.


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                      Cool! Let me know what they think!


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                        Hello, I've started reading the updated version you posted on the Kickstarter and I've notice that the Human 2.0 now get a free Novice Edge (Adaptable quality, like Human 1.0). Is that intended ?


                        • gunmetaldave
                          gunmetaldave commented
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                          Funny you mentioned that; I just changed it to: Skilled: The character gets 1 free skill of their choice at d6

                        • ValhallaGH
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                          That was intended. Human 2.0 was supposed to have Adaptable in the first release. It somehow got cut in layout.

                          Apparently it's changing again.

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                        Hello GMG team,

                        Thanks for the kickstarter update. Looking forward to a next revision of rules. Last hacking rules revision looked fun and simple, hope it is not becoming a headache.

                        Best regards,