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Play Test Material: EMP Weapons

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  • Play Test Material: EMP Weapons

    The following rules have been cleared for play testing.

    EMP Weapons
    ElectroMagnetic Pulse weapons do virtually all their damage by generating a pulse of energy that interferes with circuitry. Most of these pulses are less than a dozen centimeters in diameter (ranging from the size of a baseball to a FIFA football), effectively only hitting the target, but missed shots can cause collateral damage.
    These weapons are Heavy Weapons that deal nonlethal damage to all androids, bioroids, cyborgs, TAP users, cybertech and nanotech users, drones, Golemmechs, power armor, and vehicles.

    EMP grenades (Range 5/10/20, Damage 3d6, Min Str d4, Conceal +1, LBT, nonlethal, cost 300)
    EMP bullets (as normal bullets, cost x5)
    For vehicles and objects, nonlethal damage ensures it can be repaired when it becomes wrecked or broken due to nonlethal damage.

    Feedback and experiences are encouraged.