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    Since I've been redirected from the KS page. Will update as I find stuff
    - Page 137, under the Crypto Wars header, there's an attribution without a quote; unless this is somehow meant to be an attribution for the entire section?
    - Page 144, appears to be the same for Climate Change. Reading now this looks like it's intentional, but maybe a styling change from the default quote attribution would be good?
    - Page 145: Greenhouse gases, eg Methane, don't destroy "the ozone layer" - they trap heat that's being pumped in. The destruction of the Ozone layer was caused by CFCs, an industrial manufacturing byproduct rather than a result of fossil fuels.
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    Thanks for these!


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      So, I'll likely move the attributions to the end of the relevant section, and I cut the paragraph dealing with the Ozone layer, as I personally can't write authoritatively about the subject, and the whole thing is so tight in terms of layout, that adding to the section will cause problems.


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        Another issue - several origins refer to "ED The Guardian" but the actual armor is "Executive Design Guardian".

        The Wastelander origin has an extraneous 3 before the PD Duster. Furthermore, I'm not sure where the Desert Rat is supposed to be - is it a deleted pistol?
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          It should be Executive Decision. I wanted to save space so I just typed ED. I'll remove "The"

          I'll also look at the Wastelander. Pretty sure it's just a typo.


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            Yeah the abbreviation is fine I like them but the extra "the" was goofing my ctrl-F


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              Oh, the WT Desert Rat is a vehicle. It might be helpful to have better labeling in the Origin Gear section so it's easier to find things? Also, I'm definitely confused by why some origins (eg Ronin) mention pretty ordinary cars like a "compact car" when the equipment intro suggests that should be a baseline.

              Also, not sure why the Soldier origin specifies that its an AGA Rapture "With Foregrip"
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                Note sure how I'd re-label everything, especially now.

                I'll look at Ronin, and probably just cut the car entry. I didn't write soldier, so I'll just assume the writer wanted to give it a foregrip. Probably just flavor. *shrug*


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                  The Foregrip attachment reduces Recoil penalties by 1.
                  The Rapture does not normally include that feature, making it a valuable addition for an Origin that's likely to use automatic fire.